How to Find Oil on Your property

is there Oil On your Property?


how to find oil on your property

Oil reserves are found in various rock types, so it is important to inspect the type of soil present on your property. A variety of qualities can indicate that there may be oil beneath them; for example, some soils have been known to trap petroleum products due to their high concentrations over time which would then allow its continuation through other layers during extraction processes without being detected by any outside sources until too late!
The presence/absence ratio between these two factors will give us a better idea about whether we’re sitting atop an entire reserve trove waiting patiently just below our feet – ready for capture at any time given enough effort put forward now before eventually becoming part-owned publicly accessible wealth.

Oil may be discovered under your property, which could make it an asset. You should call Thompson Well Location for help with mineral rights brokers who can guide you through this process and ensure that any oil found will provide the highest return on investment possible

The United States is an oil-producing superpower. It produces about 60% of all world petroleum, with significant amounts found throughout mineral properties in Texas, North Dakota, Alaska California, Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico each worth billions of barrels. Offshore drilling also accounts for a substantial portion of US Oil production which includes everything from gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuels, plastics chemical products, and household items you can’t live without!

Find oil on my property

Thompson Well knows where to find oil on your land and will drill wells to get it!

Save money by drilling for your own oil

Why spend extra money on someone else finding oil for you when Thompson Well can do it cheaper?

Fast, reliable service

Thompson Well is a well-oiled machine, pun intended and will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Get back more of what you produce

Thompson Well takes a fair share for their services but you’ll still be getting more out of your wells than if you had gone with anyone else.



Property Checklist:


Check to see who currently owns the mineral rights on your land or prospective land.


Send a detailed map of potential Land to Thompson Well Location for dowsing review.


Once Rob can see the potential for oil then Hire his services to dowse and survey exactly where the commercial oil exists. He will create a GPS google earth map locating all oil fields on the property. And determining the depth of oil, production, and quality on-site.


Owner shall acquire leases and mineral rights for said land.


Contract with Oil Well Driller and commence test holes supplied by Thompson Well Location.

Oil reserves are abundant in our country, but not all of them can be used because they’re under the surface. It’s easy for oil to seep into the ground and then bubble up through your land if it finds enough room beneath its weight; this is an indicator that there might also exist significant amounts below ground level on any lot where such activity has taken place nearby or elsewhere around town.

Finding oil on your property could be a great opportunity to secure the future of yourself and your family, but only if you have an experienced team like Thompson Well Location. We can answer all questions about how much money is involved in selling this resource as well what kind of return would reflect back at least some portion of their hard work!

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